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“NODE” is the planning design company that focuses on large commercial building with main business of planning,design,layout,design and supervision etc. and participate in various projects.

Since the establishment,basing on Tokyo,across Asia ,as well as Japan,in addition we are the advanced designer group that “work around the world”.

Design exceeds and changes the limit of existing element including creativity, innovation,functionality etc. in the information society of 21 century.
Naturally,every person of us realizes designers must evolve social role.

As company name of “NODE-NODE- node・knot”shows,should become node with society...time...region...people..., always maintain new perspective and energy towards the establishment of unique design system and continue to achieve

Attraction of NODE is global vision and global vitality.

President and CEO president_signage

Planning produce -Landscape ~ Life style-

Capture businss space and space of attracting customer as media of information transmission to society and propose added value production of space while bases on client strategy.

Design commercial environment -business operation ~ commercial facility-

According to specific of space and facilities,produce total high customer attraction space with cultivated skill/actual performance and global perspective.

Design marketing communication -sales promotion,PR, information service-

Create place that places emphasis on service for cilent and the optimum information and messgae with impact.

Space management system -NOTIS = Information filing system-

Provide the system that links “space” and “information” to systematic and is helpful for efficient operation of management resource and effective asset management.


Company Name Node Co., Ltd.
Location Tradepia Odaiba Building 20F, 2-3-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-0091 JAPAN
TEL 03-5962-1020
FAX 03-3570-2464
Capital One hundred million yen
Establishment 2013.1
Items of business Planning,design,layout,supervision and consulting of display
Planning,design,layout,supervision and consulting of building
Planning,design,supervision and consulting about public relations and advertisement
Publishing business about display,building,public relations and advertisement
Registration of the offices
of registered architects
The offices of registered architects of Node Co., Ltd.
Tokyo Metropolitan Regristration Number 37025
Beijing representative office 1011 FL. Block B Xingfu Building,No.3 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027
Main customer Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd.
Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd.
Odakyu Department Store Co.,Ltd.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Beijing Hualian Group
Shinsegae Co., Ltd.
Cosco real estate Co. Ltd.
Board member President       Nobuo Fujimura
Executive Director  Shoichi Asano
Director       Hirofumi Negoro
Director       Taro Enomoto
Director       Yuuji Hirata
Auditor        Tadayoshi Yazawa

《NODE Shanghai》

Subsidiary 100% owned by Node Co., Ltd. conducts business in Shanghai,China from 2017/01/01.
Handle client’s requirement from Japan and China better in the future.

Company Name Node Space design consulting(Shanghai)limited company
(Chinese:Node Space design consulting(Shanghai)limited company)
Location 302-B, Building B, 26 Xu Hong Zhong Lu, Xuhui-Qu, Shanghai 200235 CHINA
TEL +86-21-6438-6896
Capital 3,880,000 RMB
Establishment 2017.1.1
Description of business Interior design,design management,consultation
BANK Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
MUFG Bank (China), Ltd.
Board member President             Shoichi Asano
Director and general manager    Hiroyuki Kaburaki
Director and vice general manager Naoki Sato
Supervisor             Tadayoshi Yazawa